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2009-03-08 20:17:43 by funnymandudeperson

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2010-06-15 01:27:41

Only if you check out myn :D


2010-06-15 14:42:56

A movie critic doesn't need to make a movie to be a movie critic, end of story. Plus I do frame by frame on my DSi XL, I don't need a 13 year old that tweens his movies to tell me that i'm lazy.

funnymandudeperson responds:

A movie critic actually critiques a movie on how it could have been better. They just don't say "0 for this, 0 for this, and 0 for this" without an explanation. The only thing I agreed with you in your critique was the "mindless teleportation and blasting." I really have to fix that, but the plot is good, you just have to know what it is, and it has nothing to with a robot.


2011-06-15 20:06:23

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