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2009-03-08 20:17:43 by funnymandudeperson

Check out my website:


2009-01-25 00:25:14 by funnymandudeperson

Mario and Sonic VS Mecha Sonic The Final Act is done and it will be put on today at noon!!! (Or earlier...)

Is being put on hold due to lack of motivation. I have started a couple new projects. Sorry to the people who wanted to see act 3, but I've got no motivation for it right now. I WILL FINISH IT! I just don't know when. I finished act 2 very quickly since I started on November 11th and uploaded on November 18th. I then quickly started on the final act which was going to be released on Saturday, December 6th. I finished it, but then I looked back and it was horribly put together and sloppy. That made me redo most of it and after a sudden burst of motivation in december, i've lost it in January. Its kinda like redbull, very energetic and then suddenly asleep on the floor. The only thing that keeps me motivated is the fans (not that I have many), but every fan counts, even if it just blows air in your face. Peace out.


2008-12-27 14:40:13 by funnymandudeperson

I should be able to put my website on the internet if I can come up with some money. Pretty cool...

Mario and Sonic VS Mecha Sonic The Final ACT

2008-11-25 21:57:48 by funnymandudeperson

Now that I think about it, Im going to make the next one as good as I can, then release it...

Well I finally found the motovation to do the sequal of Mario and Sonic VS Mecha Sonic and here is the preview. Mario and Sonic VS Mecha Sonic ACT 2 Preview

Here they are (again) /45439_mecha_mario.bmp

Here they are /4 5439_mecha_mario.bmp